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Due to input from you, our customers, we have changed our pricing schedule. Many of you wanted a no frills, excellent shooting bow. This way you can pick out a high performing, competitively priced bow and add custom extras as you wish. This will be known in the future as the "North American Hardwood model - NAH" I've made an attempt to keep this simple and organized but due to the large amount of info, confusion may set in. If it does, please give me a call and we'll work out the bugs.


3% discount for check or money order


All orders MUST be called in or emailed to:

The base bow is the North American Hardwood (NAH) You can see more on the NAH page. These are woods I can easily obtain without paying shipping. Hickory, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Black Walnut and Black Glass.

Base Price for Silent Night Longbows $550 (see custom options below)

Base Price for Silent Night Blanks $350 (see custom options below)

Base Price for Short or Long Nights $550 (see custom options below)

Base Price for Short or Long Night Blanks $350

Base Price for the Nightshade $600

Base Price for the Nightshade Blank $400

All bow models start with a base price. Custom options are added on to give you the exact bow of your dreams. From this base you can build your Custom Bow. Upgrades to the NAH.

Custom Limb & Glass Choices:

$00 - Your choice on NAH model. Maple, Ash, B. Walnut, Cherry.
$25 - Bamboo Actionwood (Call ahead this is becoming scarce)
$25 - Clear glass, Brown, White, Green
$25 - Curly Maple, Figured Birch, Eastern Red Cedar
$50 - Eye Popping Curly Maple, Stained Bamboo
$50 – Bamboo,  Bamboo Core is $25
$25 - Extra Limb Lamination (NAH)
$25 - Tip Overlay, Installed on blank
??? - Veneers (Call for pricing)

Custom Riser Choices:

$20 - Grip Overlay, Installed. +$10 for each additional layer
$35 - Actionwood, Black or Brown
$50 – Dymondwood Black, Brown. Hardest, heaviest riser available.
$35 - Curly Maple (lightly figured), Bubinga, Purple Heart, Mozambique
$50 - Accent stripe, straight or moon cut.
$50 - Bocote, Wenge, East Indian Rosewood, Goncalo Alves, Bocote, Wenge Zebrawood. Sorry, I’m too allergic to work with Cocobolo
$100 - Kingwood
$150 - Gabon Ebony, Macasser Ebony
??? - Many other woods available and priced on request. If you've heard of it I can get it.

$25 - Buffalo leather for grip
$15 - Extra strings. B-55 or Fast Flight
$10 - Fox fur string silencers
$10 - Beaver string silencers