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New News!
We are now building the 60" "Backwoods" Recurve. The webpage has not been developed but pricing will start at $550,
Pricing for options will be the same as Longbow options.

Bow #133: Backwoods Recurve: 60" 50# @ 28" Right handed $600
Riser: Figured Goncalaco Alves
Limbs: Hard Rock Maple with Bamboo Actionwood Core

Bow #132: Backwoods Recurve: 60" 43# @ 28" Right handed $700
Riser: Cocobolo heel & Bubinga back with Black Phenolic accent
Limbs: Bamboo Actionwood core with Curly Mozambique back and belly

Bow #131: Backwoods Recurve: 60" 44# @ 28" Right handed $700
Riser: Cocobolo
Limbs: Bamboo Actionwood with Black Limba veneers

Bow #130: Short Night: 60" 55# @ 28" Right handed $550
Riser: Mozambique
Limbs: Cherry

Bow #129: BS Silent Night: 68" 51# @ 28" Right handed $600
Riser: Bocote
Limbs: Black Walnut with Zebrawood veneers

Bow #127: SF Silent Night: 68" 52# @ 28" Right $550
Riser: Zebrawood with Buffalo Leather
Limbs: Stained Curly Northern Yellow Birch

Bow #125: BS Silent Night: 68" 47# @ 28" Right $500
Riser: Mozambique with Buffalo Leather
Limbs: Stained Curly Maple with Wild Cherry cores

Bow #121: SF Silent Night: 70" 56# @ 28" Lefty $500
Riser: Wenge with Buffalo Leather
Limbs: Hard Rock Maple with Bamboo Actionwood cores cores

Bow #119: Long Night: 64" 50# @ 28" Lefty $525
Riser: Cocobolo with Zebrawood and Cocobolo overlays
Limbs: Tonkin Cane

Bow #115: 60" Backwoodsman Recurve, 35# @ 28", Right handed, $475
Riser: Sapele with Dymondwood overlays
Limbs: Hard Rock Maple

Bow #118: (Back Set) BS Carolina Night 68" 49# @ 28", Right handed, $499
Riser: Ipe (An extremely hard, heavy riser wood)
Limbs: Silky Black Walnut veneers, Maple with a Black Walnut core

Lemonwood Billets for all wood bows. Will make excellent bellys for tri lam bows
1.5" x 37.5"
$25 .125" laminations
$45 1/4" belly lamination
$90 1/2" belly lamination
Sorry for the highish price but this was imported from Cuba by way of Canada

Wood laminations
Free Advice, and worth every penny
These laminations are straight grain, perfectly dried and ground with a 40 grit, very rough grind. They are not beautiful but perfect for your bow
Prices below are for parallel laminations by the pair up to .125". Please add $3/pr. for tapers, $2/pr beveled at butt for easy pre glue up.
Laminations are 1.5" wide and 36"long
$20 Cherry laminations
$20 Maple lamination
$20 Bamboo Actionwood
$20 Black Walnut
$20 Ash
$20 Sapele
$20 Actionwood, redish/wine colored beautiful for kids or ladies
$40 Ipe 1/4" belly for all wood bow

Risers and Riser woods cut to length, depth & width. These risers are strong, very straight grain and while not the most beautiful, they are perfect for your bow
1/2 Price for each of 2 piece riser+$5 ex. $10 Walnut + $10 Hickory +$5 = $25 Walnut and Hickory Riser. Accent stripe + $5/each
$20 Walnut
$20 Hickory
$20 Brown Actionwood
$20 Maple
$25 Maple, slight curl
$20 Redish/wine colored Actionwood
$25 Bubinga
$25 Wenge
$25 Purpleheart
$35 East Indian Rosewood. Beautiful
$50 Zebrawood These risers are exceptionally beautiful.
$50 Bocote These risers are exceptionally beautiful
$50 Cocobolo These risers are beautifu, possibly exceptional but they are waxed now and I can't tell.
$75 Gaboon Ebony

Turkey Calls built with exotic woods. These calls are high pitched and great on windy days