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7 Lakes Archery


The older I get the more interest I have in youth archery. Without their interest
our sport will fade

So we are building Kids Bows again "Night Lites" Our webmaster in his
infinate wisdom keeps all the pages locked but this one which he can
salvage when I do something "web site" stupid. This has saved
me alot of money and him alot of work. Until the webmaster can catch
up here's some info.

These are Hill Style bows with some reflex for added speed. Limbs
will be Hard Rock Maple with Black glass, Risers from a North American Hardwood.

These bows can be customized by wood or glass See "Pricing" page
or can have the glass painted and covered with a epoxy clear coat.
We can use any color currently or recently used in the automotive
industry.. Hot Pink, camo, Cherry Red - with flakes, almost anything or
clear glass $25 extra.

$125 Night Lite I 40" Ages 5 up to 20" draw
$150 Night Lite II 46" Ages 7 up to 24" draw
$175 Night Lite III 52" Up to 26" draw
Blanks are - $25 of purchase price

Kids Bows "Night Lite II" 46" 15# @ 20" Left Handed $150 for either
Email me if you are not sure about determining eye dominance.
This Hill Style model is 46" long and pulls 15# @ 20" ages 7-12 Riser: Oak
Limbs: Hard Rock Maple with slight reflex for extra speed.
These are Hill Style bows on a smaller scale. You pick string color and leather (See pic.)
Right hander has been sold but we make more every day.

Fox Balls. $11 TYD
Dampens noice caused by string vibration and just plain looks good
Between 5"-6" long, leather is extremely thin and light weight. Works and looks better than Beaver.
These are made of fox, the xtra long guard hair is light weight but helps stop the string vibrations and quieten the bow

Bow 2619 7 Lakes "Nightshade" 60" 47# @ 28" Left handed $625
Riser: Black Dymondwood with a thumb rest
Limbs: Stained Curly Maple veneers with Hard Rock Maple cores Crystal clear glass.
Pictures this coming weekend.

Bow 2419: 7 Lakes "Night Shade" 60" 49# @ 28" Right handed $600
Riser: Curly Mozambique
Limbs: Curly Ash stained brown, Bamboo actionwood core. Crystal clear glass.